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What is fuloos

A New Kind of Money

Fuloos is a digital currency designed for low fees and instant transactions for payments all around the world and merchants that accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Our developement team have already started working on plans to start developing software to intergate an easy payment solutions.

Obtain Fuloos

Obtain fuloos by purchasing the coin from an exchange that supports FLS or you can help the community and start mining the coin and help increase the network stability.

Next step

Make Payment

Make your payment to your friends or your choosen merchant using the Fuloos payment using are all-in-one client or fuloos webbased wallet.

Next step


Once the payment has reached the correct amount of confirmations, your reciever will have the money and you will recieve your product from your desired merchant.

Coin Specifications

Name: Fuloos Coin
Symbol: FLS
Circulating Supply: 0 FLS
Total Supply: 100,000,000 FLS
Total Blocks Found:
Total Network Hash: 0.00678648 USD

Why Fuloos?

Fuloos is a digital currency designed to be the most robust coin on the market, the main focus for this coin is to become a global player to introducing companies to the world of cryptocurrency by using Fuloos, Transactions are a lot faster than using any other payment method as well as having secure network with backbone of servers for fuloos users to use for fast processing.

Safe & Secure

Your funds are safe and secure with fuloos wallet to allow users to keep trading.

Development Team

Fuloos developement team are very active and have already started making big plans for Fuloos future.

Mobile Apps

Fuloos coin will also utilise mobile applications making it easier for Fuloos users to make purchases from devices.


We are aiming to be listed on multiple exchanges all around the world to make it easy to purchase Fuloos.


Fuloos network infastructure is powered by multiple dedicated nodes to insure fuloos network is constantly available for fuloos community.

Worldwide Support

Fuloos coin is to be used in all over the world to purchase a product or pay someone using Fuloos as the payment method.

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Fuloos Coin

A digital currency for processing global transactions all around the world with low fees.