Project Update #1

Project Update #1

Dear Community,

There have been many rumors and users saying that Fuloos Coin is a dead project and no development has been started. This is far from the truth, we have been working extremely hard hiring new developers and staff to help maintain the Fuloos Project.

As you can see we have been working on a new website for Fuloos to give us a new professional look and supply more information to new users and existing Fuloos supporters. We have updated the team page with some photos of our team and will be uploading more shortly to increase your trust with us and give the Fuloos Project the best support we can.

CryptoKnight has been very busy hiring new team members to develop our Web-Wallet and Mobile Wallet. The mobile wallet will support Android as well as iOS allowing all users to interact with Fuloos on the move. Our development team have quoted us that it will be completed within the next 1-2 months as we are testing our application for robustness and security, to insure you get the best security and no chance of compromised details leaving you at risk.

LiteSpeed and CryptoKnight also have been discussing creating a merchant service to allow merchants and users to allow Fuloos as a payment method within existing companies, creating a secure platform for payment processing and financial statements, this is still being discussed and will be released in the next news article.

The image below is a preview into what the Application will look like and will feel like.

Many users have been questioning the Airdrop Situation for Fuloos. No airdrop was completed, so do not feel like you have been cheated, this is a complete fresh start and we have decided to restart the airdrop from today, you can find the Airdrop Form within "Resources > Airdrop Form". There are few requirements that will need to be followed before you can receive any coins at the end of the airdrop and these requirements will be checked to insure we do not send coins to an inactive address or incorrect address. Each user will receive a fair amount of coins per user keeping the airdrop fair and equal for all users, there will be no exceptions.


1. The wallet address must be valid and received at least 1, transaction.

2. Make sure all details are correct so we can inform you of updates and news.

3. Must be in our Telegram Community. (Next airdrop will be for discord users)

Airdrop Form

We would like to welcome RUTLAND to the team of Fuloos his role is to support the community for the United States and has been supporting all users they have questions or any inquiries. We hope to see you bring more quality work to our project and thank you so far. In the meantime we are still looking for more community managers to come join our team and support the project as much as they can.

We are looking for community managers, in these various locations:

  • Korea
  • China
  • Spain
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • India
  • Dubai
  • If you're not from any from the above, please still make request and we will help you

Note, this position is a paid position and will be paid up to 4,000-5,000 FLS a month, however, there needs to be proof of work being completed and audit to either LiteSpeed or Crypto Knight.

If you feel like, you would like to apply to join the Fuloos Team. Please use the link provided here to make your application.

Application Form

Please leave any feedback and how you feel about this news post below, does not require to be registered.