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  • By LiteSpeed
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  • 21-03-2018

Good Afternoon, Fuloos Users.

Today we are releasing the official recruitment form to all community members to apply to be a Fuloos Community Manager or a Developer these positions are paid. There are currently only 2 roles available which are Community Manager and Developer, we are looking for a manager for each country to advertise and bring publicity to Fuloos in their country and bring more local merchants to start accepting Fuloos as a payment method, this position will be paid 4-5k Fuloos Coins a month.
Developers are required to know either website development or programming languages to bring new service or update the current software within the Fuloos Community and has to have at least a few years� experience in their knowledgeable areas, this position is paid with LTC depending the work is completed and is released.

So, what are you waiting for apply to be a part of something amazing! Click the link below to apply now�

Google Forms Link