A busy week

A busy week

Good Afternoon, Fuloos Users.

We hope you all have had a good week and have been trading Fuloos ready for the releases we are preparing for everyone. This week the Fuloos Team has been very busy contacting more exchanges hoping to hear reply soon, we contacted one exchange which requested a massive amount of money which we didn’t agree was right, so we declined their offer for the time being. As well our teams looking to find exchanges to accept us, we have also fixed our network issue and will be applying these updates within the next 24-72 hours with improvements to our Explorer Web-server being upgraded to SSD Storage and a DDoS Protected and Ultra-Fast Network, now our explorer can now provide instant transactions making it visible to the network and users eyes faster.

Our marketing staff and other staff members have been trying to find exchanges that will accept Fuloos with pairs on their services, the responses we seem to be receiving at the moment are either “Sorry, we are not accepting new coin requests at this minute” or the fee is a too high of an amount just to be listing our coin, in the meantime we are still waiting for multiple responses from other exchanges and hope to be maybe be listed with a new exchange within a few weeks. Please feel free as users of the Fuloos Community to start discussing with exchanges to see if you can help us speed the process up. If we start to show more of growth and more dedication they could see the coin having a bigger potential and may even help invest within the Fuloos Community.

Our Founder “Crypto Knight” had a couple of meetings this week with some local merchants that he had been planning to get to accept Fuloos as a payment method in their local area. We are now in a agreements with a local car body shop and a towing company which in a few months will be accepting Fuloos as a method of payment for the services they are providing. Fuloos coin is not just an online currency and is being planned to be accepted by all merchants and stores across the globe, so if you have a service or a company you would like to accept Fuloos as a payment method, then please get in contact with one of the staff members and we can help you get setup and started.

The web-wallet issue we had was caused by the old explorer, with the new explorer being released within the next 24-72 hours depending on all results from the final tests for example, pen-testing and securing the server from any attack possible and checking our website is secure from any server side injection and users information. The web wallet will be released around the same time as the new explorer is released. Everyone will be alerted in all group chats when it has been released, if you are not already a part of one of the many Fuloos Chats, join now and stay up-to-date for with releases and announcements.