Fuloos Update June

Fuloos Update June

Dear Community,

The Fuloos Team is very happy to announce that we have finally completed the Android Wallet. You can now download the Fuloos Android Wallet direct from our site, very soon you will be able to download directly from the Android Store, we have submitted the application for review by Google Play Store and awaiting confirmation for release. The iOS Development has started now and will be released soon as well once completed.

Download Android Wallet

We also very happy to announce after a month of hard work, we finally completed our merchant platform with the ability to accept Fuloos Coin already on WooCommerce Merchants. We now allow our community to purchase Fuloos Coin directly within our merchant platform accepting Credit Card and PayPal payments. Do not forget to enable multiple security layers to ensure your account's safety from hackers and attackers. You can find Fuloos Pay at this link or via the downloads page.

Fuloos Pay

Fuloos Pay already has a fully working and scalable API for Developers to start using for their shops and stores that would like to accept Fuloos Coin as a payment method.

API Example
WooCommerce Plugin

Unfortunately, there is some bad news relating to latest reports of Octaex.com committing an Exit Scam. However, this has not been 100% confirmed as of this moment but many users are complaining about withdrawals that stuck processing for weeks. So we recommend our community to stay away from this exchange until all issues may be resolved.

The Fuloos Team.