May Update

May Update



Fuloos May Update

May, 16 2018

The last few days have been great for the entire project of Fuloos. FLS recently just hit it's all All-time-high (ATH) of ($59 by some big investors in the USA which may stay anonymous) then settling to still a new time high around $0.5859 per coin. The entire team has been working around the clock to support our community as much as we can including supporting users with the new exchange listing hitting our 4th milestone within a few months of officially announcing Fuloos Coin to the public.

We are now trading Fuloos Coin (FLS) on with pairs of BTC/ETH/USDT!

We would also like to welcome our new team members, "Escanor" - Philippines, "xKnight" - Netherlands, "Control" - Africa and "Chetz" - India. We are glad to have you guys on our team and we hope you enjoy your stay with us and help Fuloos Coin expand further around the world, these new team members are managing their own groups in telegram and can be found by visiting the links below, join your current region channel and get updates about events or happenings near you:

For the past few weeks, our community has been helping us beta test our Android Wallet and our team sent detailed reports back to our developers with all of your feedback and we are getting closer by the day to releasing the official version for Android which is planned to be released very soon making it possible to have access to funds on your mobile and can be used for the upcoming airdrop in a few weeks, which will be explained further below including information about the current airdrop.

We are very close to releasing our merchant platforms our initial website has already been released can be found here: Fuloos Pay, our team are currently working on the platform extensions for Wordpress, Woocommerce, WHMCS, Shopify and few others to allow thousands of merchants to start accepting Fuloos Coin with the easiest solution of accepting FLS with no fees.

Unfortunately, we have finally closed our airdrop and have found out 75% of the applications are not inapplicable due to incorrect addressees resulting in a very low amount of successful applications. So, we have decided to post-pone this airdrop and we will restart the airdrop once our Android Mobile Wallet is released making it one hundred times easier to have access to a Fuloos Address and also making it easy to see if you have received your FLS from the airdrop which will start in a few weeks and the registration period will only be one week.

However, some good news our competition is nearly over for the holders holding over 100k FLS by the end of may this competition will end at the end of the month and a form will be released to users to verify if they are holding the 100k funds and we will review each transaction to make sure it is valid. This competition for users that are willing to hold 100k FLS until the end of may and they will be selected into a raffle to receive a very big reward which, is listed below:

  • 1st Place - 100K Cash in BTC
  • 2nd Place - 50K Cash in BTC
  • 3rd Place - 25K Cash BTC and a random chosen gift such as Amazon or another retailer

To anyone interested in working with the Fuloos Team and is interested in joining the team, we are still looking for Graphic Designers, Community Managers and Software Developers. These are paid positions however, payments will be determined on the amount work is completed by you and proof of work is needed to be shown so we can confirm, you deserve the payment for your work.
Please apply via the link provided and wait for response from the team: Application Form

Best Regards,
Lite Speed (Co Founder of Fuloos Coin)