Competition & Fuloos Installer Released

Competition & Fuloos Installer Released

Dear, Community

We have some good news! We have released our Official Installer for Fuloos for Windows. This installer will create a shortcut to your desktop and install the necessary files needed to connect to the Fuloos Network without having to download the files and create shortcut your self.

  • External Link to the Fuloos Website
  • Download the latest release and extract it
  • Creates an shortcut to your desktop "Fuloos Wallet"
  • Proof-of-Stake Calculator Released

You can download the files either here: Getting Started or Downloads .

We would also like to welcome our new investors that helped Fuloos Coin and funded the Infrastructure and Development team we have today. A huge thanks to "Sheikh Moosa Bin Salahudin Al Futtaim", "Sheikh Kamal Bin Hassan Al Hamid Abdul Aziz" and "Sheikh Sultan Bin Mansoor Al Ghurair" for helping to support the community grow and help develop new services for Fuloos.

This is our 3rd month anniversary! We thank the community for making Fuloos a-well respected Crypto Currency, we have a lot planned for our future. We have already released updates to help improve the Fuloos Network such as listed below.

  • Official Installer (Non Anti-Virus Detection)
  • Infrastructure Update (Multiple New Nodes Added)
  • Investors help back the Fuloos Infrastructure and Development
  • New Website was released
  • Development Team started for mobile applications for Fuloos

The first Official Fuloos Competition has started for users that have 100,000 FLS in their wallets will be included into a draw until the 30th of May 2018 resulting them to have a chance in receiving a chance to win a price from the list below this will also be require proof before any rewards are released so make sure to take pictures or videos to improve the legitimacy

  • 1st Place - 100K Cash in BTC
  • 2nd Place - 50K Cash in BTC
  • 3rd Place - 25K Cash BTC and a random chosen gift such as Amazon or another retailer

Proof-of-Stake Calculator:

Airdrop Form:

Application Form:




Telegram Invite Link:

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