About Us

A New Kind of Money

Fuloos is a digital currency designed for low fees and instant transactions for payments all around the world and merchants that accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Our development teams have already started working on plans to start developing software to integrate an easy payment solutions. Fuloos is a digital currency designed to be the most robust coin on the market, the main focus for this coin is to become a global player to introducing companies to the world of cryptocurrency by using Fuloos, Transactions are a lot faster than using any other payment method as well as having secure network with backbone of servers for fuloos users to use for fast processing and transaction times.

Safe & Secure

Your funds are safe and secure with fuloos wallet to allow users to keep trading. Fuloos will also use mobile applications making it easier for Fuloos users to make purchases from devices.

Expert Team

Fuloos development team are experienced with developing cryptocurrency services and also an active team and have already started making big plans for Fuloos for the present and the future

Supported Infastructure

Fuloos network infrastructure is powered by multiple dedicated nodes to insure fuloos network is constantly available for the fuloos community and merchants.

Individual & Merchants

Anybody can start using Fuloos digital coin to transfer money to friends, family, or to pay for goods and services. Fuloos coin gives you complete control over your money and allowing to pay for services or bills easy.

Any Merchant Welcome

Any business on the planet can begin tolerating Fuloos digital coin for their merchandise and enterprises. Fuloos coin gives dealers more alternatives and flexibility to acknowledge instalments from anywhere in the world.

Open Source

Calling all Developers! Fuloos coin is open source software, and we are searching for more developers to add to the future of Fuloos Developemente. Our main team are developing software and API's to help developers.

Why choose Fuloos?

Blockchain Security

Fuloos digital coin has its own particular Fuloos chain and dispersed system of hubs that make it extremely secure against assaults and difficult to get 51% accord. Other computerized monetary forms that are just Prook-of-work confront issues because of their dependability on extensive scale mining operations.

Large Distribution & Low Inflation

Around 100 million Fuloos digital coin was mined to begin and these coins are being conveyed to the network individuals. No new coins will be made utilizing Proof-of-Work technique; every new coin will be issued from the 20% yearly intrigue paid to holders of Fuloos coin who are staking their coins. This drops down the middle at regular intervals.

Built-in Users = Adoption

Calling all Developers! Fuloos digital coin is open source, and we are searching for more engineers to add to our stage. We are building API's that will help with trades, wallets, and whatever else making the coin less demanding to utilise. Fuloos coin is perfect for small-scale instalments. With the quality of Fuloos network individuals, we trust this coin will be embraced effortlessly and the biological community will flourish. We would love to have you a player in it!

Merchant Platform

Another Merchant Platform is being constructed that will permit on the web and block and mortar organizations to acknowledge Fuloos coin effectively with no hazard. Since numerous individuals will be anxious to utilize this stage, we have made an exceptionally key approach to join new merchants. We have enormous plans to develop the whole Fuloos coin environment.

Fuloos Roadmap

This was the first official release of Fuloos Coin in December, this includes such things as bitcointalk being posted with official links to social media such as discord, twitter, facebook, telegram, and email for public support. You can find these links on the getting started page, here....

This was the first time the website was created for Fuloos, but we had several problems with running that with the site some broken links and we also decided the theme did not match the professionalism we have planned for Fuloos, so we decided to change the site again including comments system to our blog allowing our readers to leave feedback and a response on how there read was...

Looking for exchanges that would be willing to list Fuloos Coin on their sites with multiple pairs. We are also asking for community support and help us spread the word about Fuloos Coin and the further Developement plans we have.

This stage is in process, we are planning to increase the wallets main functions to improve processing payments and other details including the RPC to handle requests are better. We are also planning to add more features for the wallets to improve accessibility and functionality for our users.

This will be our web wallet released and more Information will be released closer to the time.

A developement team is being put together for this and will be released soon once the perfect team has been found.

Our developement team will finish all the plugins for ecommerce software and contacted multiple merchants that allow crpytocurrency to be added to a website.

We start to target bigger exchanges to list our coin increasing the value and stabling our economy value, making Fuloos a reliable currency for merchants and global users.

Organinze meetings with bigger companys to start thinking about accepting Fuloos. Names will be mentioned nearer in the future.