World Wide

Fuloos coin is to be used in all over the world to purchase a product or pay someone using Fuloos as the payment method with community managers for each country.


We are a distributed currency that is decentralized from any government meaning you have full control over your funds and giving you full accessibility to your coins.

Value & Growth

Our currency value is based on the amount of services that are created for Fuloos as well as users exchanges fuloos as users demand more the value will increase.

Data Security

Fuloos is resistant to hacks. Cryptographic algorithms that we've used to power the currency are impossible to crack. Any attack is deemed unprofitable and a waste of time.

How It Works

1. Obtain Fuloos

Obtain fuloos by purchasing the coin from an exchange that supports FLS or you can help the community and start mining the coin and help increase the network stability.

2. Finding a Service

Make your payment to your friends or your choosen merchant using the Fuloos payment using are all-in-one client or Fuloos Web-Based Wallet.

3. Completed!

Once the payment has reached the correct amount of confirmations, your reciever will have the money and you will receive your product from your desired merchant.

100,000,000 FLS
Total Supply
Current Supply

Total Blocks Found
Scrypt (POW + POS)

Live Transactions

Trusted By 1000's

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