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What is Fuloos Coin and why should we use it?

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Fuloos Coin is an open-source digital currency, allowing merchants and users across the globe to send transactions fast and with low fees. We officially released Fuloos Coin on December 1st, 2017.

We are the next digital currency that uses the Scrypt Algorithm to allow users to transact their funds fast and with low fees across the world without delays with the ability to stake your coins to earn interest on your funds. Our main infrastructure is backed by multiple dedicated nodes to ensure our network never goes down and allowing users to use Fuloos Coin any time of the day providing a secure and reliable environment for merchants with no downtime what's so ever.

Why Fuloos Coin?

What is so special about Fuloos Coin?


Fastest Transactions

Fuloos Coin is fast enough for merchants to have access to their funds within 90 seconds of receiving there payment and Fuloos offers the highest transactions per second.



Using smart contracts and hyper ledger fabric platform, Fuloos offers a more secure and efficient payment mechanism.


Liquidity & Low Inflation

With a cap of 100 million coins in circulation and inbuilt PoS algorithm, Fuloos offers liquidity along with stability.


Exchange Service

Fuloos Coin listing on leading exchanges will be our top priority in help the demand and supply for Fuloos.


Mass Adoption

With current 100+ partnerships in place and more to come; Fuloos promises a brighter future with quick mass adoption.


Mobile & Web Wallet

Fuloos Coin also provide their own mobile & website wallet allowing our community to access their funds on the go with the security and safety you need.

Real time updates

Fuloos Statistics

Circulating Supply
USD Price

Supported countries

Blockchain Information

The most crucial aspect of a currency coin is its stability, scalability and most importantly low inflation. The current circulation of approximately 100 million Fuloos digital coin will maintain liquidity in the market with building industry support, upcoming partnerships, hybrid scrypt and improving liquidity, Fuloos is a one stop digital asset solving all current payment processing problems.

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Our way to the future

Fuloos Road Map

December 2017
Official Announcement

The first of December, we officially announced Fuloos Coin on Bitcointalk Click here..

December 2017
Smaller Exchanges

The 19th December, we were officially announced on Stocks.Exchange hitting our 2nd milestone within the first month of release. Click here..

March 2018
Web Wallet Released

Our first official web-wallet was released to the community for public use after several beta releases supported by the community. Web-wallet

May 2018
Medium Exchanges

The 14th May, we were officially announced on hitting our 4th milestone within the first 6 months of release. Click here..

June 2018
Mobile Wallet

Our mobile is currently in development and our first official android application will be announced within a few weeks..

June 2018
Merchant Platform

Our merchant platform is also currently in development and will be released in june time after several beta testings have been completed.

October 2018
Major Exchanges

Hoping a major exchange accepts Fuloos Coin and brings a greater trading volume to the current exchanges that supply our current market cap.


How it works

Obtain Fuloos

Obtain fuloos by purchasing the coin from an exchange that supports FLS or you can help the community and start mining the coin and help increase the network stability.

Finding a Service

Make your payment to your friends or your choosen merchant using the Fuloos payment using are all-in-one client or Fuloos Web-Based Wallet.


Once the payment has reached the correct amount of confirmations, your reciever will have the money and you will receive your product from your desired merchant.

Our own blockchain powered

Fuloos Coin

Fuloos Coin
Algorithm :
Proof of Concepts:
Hybrid (PoW & PoS)
Max Supply:
100,000,000 FLS
Circulating Supply:
POS Difficulty:
POW Difficulty:
Current Price:
$ 0
Current Price (BTC):
Current Trading Volume (24h) (BTC):

General description

Fuloos is a peer-to-peer digital currency with zero processing fees. It is an open source, globally trusted payment mechanism that runs on automotive decentralized layers. Fuloos promises a secure, faster and improved payment processing system where individuals can mamage their finances on their own. With the rise of block chain and math based currencies, Fuloos offers highest transactions per second (tps) thus leading the digital asset category with its efficient, convenient and faster network base.

Transactions per second

While the btc offers 4 transactions per second (Tps), Ethereum allows 10 tps; Fuloos is a way forward in the world of digital currency payment processors allowing almost 20k transactions per second.


Have any questions?

What is Fuloos Coin? Why should you use Fuloos Coin?

Fuloos is a peer-to-peer digital currency with zero processing fees. It is an open source, globally trusted payment mechanism that runs on automotive decentralized layers. Fuloos promises a secure, faster and improved payment processing system where individuals can management their finances on their own. With the rise of block chain and math based currencies, Fuloos offers highest transactions per second (tps) thus leading the digital asset category with its efficient, convenient and faster network base.

How can i buy Fuloos Coin?

Fuloos Coin can be purchased on either, you can either use BTC, ETH to purchase FLS. We recommend users purchasing BTC/ETC/USDT via their favourite traders or use a trusted service such as '' to purchase their coins to ensure a safe trade.

Stocks.Exchange FLS/BTC FLS/ETH

Is Fuloos Coin mineable and what is proof of stake?

Fuloos Coin is a mineable currency however the proof-of-work difficulty is lot higher now than before the halving block rate happened, making it less profitable to mine FLS and making it more profitable to stake your current funds.

What is staking (proof-of-stake)? Staking is the ability to earn intrest on your current balance by holding a certain amount of FLS, after 24 hours your funds will be come mature and your funds will be able to be used for staking, within 24-72 hours you will recieve daily rewards depending on the amount of funds you are holding.

Can i join the Fuloos Team?

We are looking for new people to come join the Fuloos Team. We have multiple job roles to be filled mainly looking for community managers, in these various locations:

  • πŸ‡°πŸ‡· Korea
  • πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ China
  • πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ Spain
  • πŸ‡«πŸ‡· France
  • πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Germany
  • πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Netherlands
  • 🏴󠁑σ ₯󠁀󠁡󠁿 Dubai

If you're not from any from the above, please still make request and we will help you to see if the position is free. We are also looking for Software and Website Developers to develop new services and software to improve the functionally of Fuloos Coin and we are also looking for graphic designers to create banners, signatures and adverts for Fuloos.

Application Link: Forms Link
Come join the team today and change the way we see digital currency..

Our brain

Awesome Team

Crypto Knight
CEO & Founder
Lite Speed
Co-Founder & Developer
Hardik Ranapariya
Project Manager
Mark Jerrum
Chief Solution Architect - Blockchain Technologies
Robert Chow
Chief Solution Architect - AI & Neural networks
Su Song
Chief Mathematician - PHD in Mathematics and Data Science
Marcos Alonso
Chief Architect - Information Security
Hitesh Upadhyay
Team Leader
Cess Laguardia
Marketing Manager
Loren Arayan
Brand Manager
Jonah Coderes
Public Relations
Maricon Cielo
Human Resource Manager
Bhavesh Bhimani
Quality Assuarance
Bhargav Mavani
Mobile App Developer
Ravi Navapara
Mobile App Developer
Fransisco Martin
Mobile App Developer
Alexander Prokhorov
Mobile App Developer
Mark P. McCahill
Mobile App Developer
Farheen Irfan
Business Development & Eco-System
Cyrille Frank Teukam
Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager
Danica Jane Macaraeg
Community Manager
Kenneth Etta
Community Manager

Fast and Instant Transactions

What says about Us

Press About Us


β€œ Fuloos is a cryptocurrency particularly designed as a unique payment solution for businesses, customers and other such institutions looking for an easy and effective way of making payments across the globe. With such features as low fees and instant transactions for payments across the globe, the digital currency is gradually taking its position as not only the future of digital transactions but most sought-after payment solution. β€œ


β€œThe concept of digital currency or cryptocurrency as it is also called has been described by many as the future of the financial sector. The unique features and benefits of the concept have ensured its increasing popularity and acceptance across the globe. Fuloos Coin has however taken the concept of digital currency to a whole new level.β€œ


β€œ As part of Fuloos’ mission of ensuring fast, affordable, and safe payments, the digital currency provider is adding new members to its illustrious team of professionals. This will ensure that new and innovative payment solutions are brought to the table for users of the coin and digital currency enthusiasts across the globe. β€œ

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